Monday, September 19, 2011


Friday was the day of my first visit to the rheumatologist about my knees. I had to wait rather a long time but he was very nice once I got to see him. He told me that my knees were in the early stages of arthritis. It was best to avoid anti inflammatory drugs if possible and that I should benefit from having gel injected into my knees. The gel is also what they use to fill out face wrinkles. He doesn’t off that service; he said. He also prescribed a form of glucosamine for me to take. If the gel works I shouldn’t have any more problems. Although he recommended that I didn’t take up mountain climbing. I will have three sessions of gel during the month of October.


Véronique said...

So basically, you have a lubricant injected? If you get that, I hope it helps. I've also heard that glucosamine helps. It definitely helps our old kitty!

Caroline said...

I gave up clambering over mountains decades ago, same with epic bicycle rides and my dodgy knees seem to have improved. I still miss the views.

Never heard of this gel treatment before but do know of people who swear by the glucosamine.

Anonymous said...

I am staring that problem right in the hairy eyeball too. My knees just aren't what they used to be, and they remind me on a regular basis!

I hope the gel injections work for you!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hello Anji,
I hope your knees will be feeling better real soon!

Doris said...

What a bugger.

I remember a lovely older lady who was in her early 80s when I stayed with her and she lived on much further than that. Anyway, she took a daily dose of good fish oil and every morning first thing drank a hot drink of lemon, cider vinegar and honey. Maybe she wasn't liable to any joints issues anyway but I thought that concoction made a lot of sense.

My father in law had a number of knee injections - maybe the same stuff - and it was quite a relief for him.

Silly that these things happen to our bodies when we still only feel like a teenager inside!


Anji said...

Véronique: if it's good enough for your kitty, it's good enough for me! I suppose the gel replaces the lack of synovial fluid

Caroline: where is the happy medium between excersise and rest? Another confirmation of the benefits of the glocosamine

Sparrow; 'hairy eyeball' sums it all up! Good luck with yours

Judy: thank you for passing by and the good wishes.

Doris: I already take capsules with fish oil, they are great for healthy nails too! I'll try adding the cider vinager and lemon to my hot water in the morning. I'll pass on the honey as the glucosamine makes life complicated already... Thanks for the tips.

You're right about the teenager inside.

Anonymous said...

My knees hurt bad when I walk down steep paths or climb stairs.

Anji said...

Connie: I can get up the stairs, coming down is the problem