Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another page is turned

Olivier came home this weekend to collect his papers to use while he’s waiting for his driving licence and everything he needs for another year of study. He’s packed up the Renault 5 with all of his gear and headed for Poitiers. As I write this I’m waiting for a message to confirm that he’s arrived in one piece. I bet he unloads the car first.

Next week he’s starting a part time job in KFC’s. You know, I’ve never tasted Kentucky Fried Chicken before. We’ll be popping up to see Dom and J-M’s new appartment in a couple of weeks hopefully. Perhaps I’ll get to try some then.

He  just phoned to say that he arrived safely.


Jo said...

Never tried KFC?!

It's kind of Disgusting-Nice.

Or Moreish-Awful.

(As long as I don't think about what they put on the chicken...or indeed the chicken itself too's a guilty pleasure!)

Dru Marland said...

I had Polish Fried Chicken once; the Polish steward who was doing our cooking took a whole chicken and bunged it in the deep fat fryer. Like the Torrey Canyon, it was.

Kath Lockett said...

By all means visit him in Poitiers but *don't* try Kentucky Fried Chicken :)

Demi said...

Hi Anji,
How have you been?
I've just heard a news about nuclear plant in France.
I hope you and your family are Okay.

Doris said...

LOL to trying KFC! One of Jo's fav meals and don't be conned otherwise! I've had to cross 10 lane highways of down town Boston to get our Jo a KFC fix ;-) LOL

As for pages turning and new chapters of our lives - well done to them going out into the world. Making space for new adventures for you too!

(((Big hugs)))

Anji said...

Jo: I saw your comment and thought 'now that's not right...' Doris confirmed for me. Thanks for the warning, sound like a bit like the sauce on some of McDonald's burgers.

Dru: i'm trying to imagine how that would have tasted - perhaps not.

Kath: Another warning, I think we'll have to eat in a 'proper restaurant'

Demi: Thank you so much for contacting me. All is fine here.

Doris: Yes we have plans lined up, like romantic nights away...

Mary Lou said...

I LOVE KFC original! sometimes extra crispy. It is hard to beleive that others in this world have not had it! and some not even HEARD of it. Everyone needs to have it once in their lives.

Anji said...

Mary Lou: I had heard, but it's only just come to our corner of France. When we drive by it is always packed out.