Monday, September 19, 2011

How to earn money the hard way

This weekend Dom and J-M came to stay. As always it was lovely to see them and they cooked me a birthday meal in advance. Salmon and spinach lasagna as Dom isn’t eating meat.
On Sunday we got up really early, braved the weather and held a stand at the local ‘Loft Empty’; a kind of boot/garage sale. I took along one or two odd postcards to sell (I haven’t got a licence to sell just those on a stand) and some old plates, DVDs and perfume. Dom and J-M sold some chairs; their new flat is a little small for all of the chairs that they’ve acquired. Well, it poured with rain, became hot and sunny, the wind picked up and then it rained again and so on, all through the day. The sun burnt my nose and Dom was surprised to find that she’d been burnt too when they arrived home. I covered the cost of the stand. I don’t think I’d like to spend too many days trying to earn a little money that way.
The house is always so empty when they go home


Lucy Melford said...

It seems to me however that daughter time is much more important than a little discomfort. A family home bereft of half its inhabitants can feel very, vey empty!


Caroline said...

Vide grenier sound more romantic.

Exactly what I should do to ours!

Doris said...

Ah. One of those uphill days when you wonder was it even worth it.

The meal sounds lovely. And you mention birthday - oooh wishing you a delightful and happy birthday when you get to it.


Anji said...

Lucy: The time did go surprisingly quickly despite the weather. We chat most days online too now.

Caroline:Vide grenier does sound more romantic - but the junk is still the same!

Doris: Thank you for the advance birthday wishes, you even beat my auntie this year.

Doris said...

LOL Anji :-) So, not for a while then.

cardiogirl said...

I'm always impressed with people who will go to such effort to make some extra cash. I'm much too lazy for that. I tend to donate my stuff to Goodwill and I never wait for a receipt to write it off at tax time.

I just want to dump and run.

Anji said...

Doris: it was 26th, post to follow...

Cardiogirl; i just about covered the cost of the stand. We have a huge pile ready to take to EmmaĆ¼s - the French version of Goodwill.