Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saint Angela de Merici (1474 – 1540)

Today is my ‘fête’! Celebrated in France, fêtes are a nice way of celebrating our names . Today we remember Saint Angela de Merici who founded the order of Ursulines. The order was founded primarily for the education of girls and care of the sick and needy. January 27th is the anniversary of her death . She is patron Saint of sickness, handicapped people and the loss of parents.


Dirty Butter said...

Happy "fete"! Festival?? Sounds like a good person to be named after. Are you Catholic?

I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

Véronique said...

Hope you had a good Jour de Fête! I believe there are Ursuline sisters in Quebec.

My Fête is coming up -- Feburary 4!

Lucy Melford said...

I take it then that originally you were 'Angela' or 'Angie' and long residence in France has turned you into 'Anji'?

Santa Lucia

Graham said...

Bonne Jour de Fete Anji. Hope you had a good day.

Peter (Worldman): said...

A little bit late "Bonne fête".

Anji said...

DB: Thank you, no I'm not a Catholic, but France is mostly a Catholic country so we all know which fête is being celebrated every day.

Véronique: You are correct, it is the oldest educational institution for women in North America.

Lucy: I'm Angela. Anji was a name I invented in Secondary school (before the Rolling Stones). When we applied for French nationality I wanted to change my name to Angèle, but it was too complicated

Graham: Thank you, I will be over to catch up with my reading soon.

Peter: merci!

Dirty Butter said...

I asked because I know at Communion Catholics add a saint's name to their names. So in France there would be a Fete Day almost every day, wouldn't there?


Marie said...

I'm sorry I missed your name day and hope it was a delightful one for you!

I am not familiar with Saint Angela but I am going to read up on her, especially as she is a patron saint of handicapped people.

Anji said...

DB: Some days there is more than one Saint, yes everyday there is a Saint's day

Marie: There are several Saint Angelas. i think that 'mine' is my favourite.