Friday, February 04, 2011

Bring on the sunshine

I met my friend Robert this morning and we stopped for a brief chat in the park. We were both wishing for some sunshine. He asked me if I could find some on the internet; I didn’t find any, but I found out how to make a sunshine:
☼ ☼ ☼

The sun didn't shine today, but I did try.


Caroline said...

There really should be a like button. Thanks for trying.

Caroline xxx

cube said...


There's always tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

We need sunshine. We badly need it.

Melissa said...

We need sunshine too. All we have here are ☁☁☁ and it will soon be time to get out the ☂!

Melissa XX

Caroline said...

Melissa is showing off!

Caroline xxx

Dirty Butter said...

Sunshine?? What's that???

Bill Y said...

Who cares about real sunshine when can create your own. My mind has gone into overdrive with the endless possibilities to use it. Thanks for sharing.

Doug Stephens said...

Very cute. We can all always use a little more sunshine.

Debbie K said...

Dear Anji
Your compassionate heart brings sunshine to the cloudiest days.
Debbie x

Anonymous said...

At least you made some good sunshine. ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼. I am sending more your way, there is lots of ☼ here.

Suz said...

Thanks for the sunshine Anji. We need it up here in Sweden too. Have you tried the solarium? All the Swedes do it to counteract the sun deprivation but I haven't quite got there yet. But I might!

Keith said...

The ☼ came out yesterday. It was it bit worrying because I thought it was the moon on fire for a moment.

Anji said...

Caroline: Just trying to spread a little sunshine

Cube: The sun did shine for a few days afterwards!

Graham: I hope that you got some

Melissa: how did you do that?!

DB: I hope that yopu've had some by now...

Bill Y: I'm sure that you, of all people, will put it to good use.

Doug: Thanks

Debbie: Your comments do the same.

Connie: I can't imagine there being anything else but sunshine where you live.

Suz: I'll be interested to know how you get on and if it really is beneficial.

Keith: I hope that you get used to it again soon. There's been a nice moon too recently. Did the clouds clear long enough for you to see it?

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