Monday, January 24, 2011

The post about the new Doctor

Friday; I needed to renew my prescriptions so I went to see the new Doctor in the morning. The morning was different for a start, the old Doctor had his surgery in the evenings. I took my blood test results for the last year,test results from the Swedish Chef, the scan of my thyroid from two years ago, my prescriptions and notes about anything else I could think of.

Our Doctor (I still think or him as ours) was a smart man who liked interesting shoes and different shirts. The new Doctor was very casual indeed. I know I shouldn’t say it - rough and ready – sorry. I started to explain to her about being pre-diabetic. There are two schools of thought on diabetes; she’s in the one that says you are either diabetic or not. I’m not. I can have a test every six months. I can have a test for cholesterol once a year. Fortunately I’ve learnt how to eat to keep the numbers down over the past few years. She also tut-tutted because I’d had the urine tests where you collect urine for 24 hours – I don’t need them as I’m not diabetic. As if it was all my fault. At least I got my thyroid tablets.

We can change our Doctor here very easily, I’ll see how it goes


Keith said...

I suppose you are lucky in a way. In Britanistan now pensioners are treated like dirt.

I think I may be a bit diabetic; always feeling tired and going to the toilet several times in the night, but the doctor wont even test me. He just says it's "old age".

The last time I was allowed a cholestrol test (7 years ago) it was very high, but I was not given any advice or treatment. God knows what its like now! I recently asked for another and was told "At your age, why bother?"

And it's not just me, I hear similar stories from other old people here.

Dirty Butter said...

My General Practice Doctor in the US was the one who tested me for Diabetes and gave the TYPE II Diagnosis. But he was very laid back about the whole thing. I was way over weight, but he never said anything about it. He suggested I check my blood glucose once a week or so.

I still use him, but NOT for my Diabetes. I got some recommendations from some of my specialists, and they recommended an aggressive Diabetes specialist. He had me testing 5 times a day for several months, immediately changed the med the GP had put me on, and started me on Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure meds. He also told me to lose the weight.

I've been going to him for over 2 years now, and I'm only testing every once in awhile now, because my last two A1C readings have been 5.5.

So I'm glad you can pick and choose your own doctor in France.

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yep same in Australia,w can pick and choose,I've chopped and changed when I've needed to..or moved house...

Anji said...

Keith: I've heard other stories like yours, though my MIL seems to be looked after and she's 88.

DB: Well done for the good results. it's a good feeling knowing that you can help yourself with the right advice

IWBY: We can change but we have to register with one to get refunded the visit, it's easy to re register with someone else. This Doctor is just 10 minutes walk away, that's why I'll wait awhile.

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Véronique said...

A doctor 10 minutes walk away is nice. But you really want to click with your primary physician. Giving it some time sounds like a good idea.

Anji said...

Véronique: yes, I'd be giving up a lot of convenience if I change now