Friday, January 07, 2011

Empty house

Things seem to be returning to normal at last. Dom went back to Poitiers just before the New Year and Olivier went back this morning, we took him to the station just before 7. He was supposed to go back yesterday, but discovered his exam was this afternoon; Unfortunately Rob had trouble starting the car this morning after the cold, humidity was very high as the temperature went up. He started it in the end. We sprayed WD40 around. Neither of us could remember where to put it.

I’ve had a slightly upset stomach for a couple of days, this morning was Olivier’s turn. He didn’t take his exam, he was too ill. He went to see a doctor this afternoon and phoned to let me know that he would live. He hasn’t got any food in. Fortunately Dom lives close. Last I heard she was taking him something round to eat. She’s into making soup at the moment so he’ll be okay.

Now I have all of the washing to do and what seems like a very empty house.


Anonymous said...

Laundry takes forever to do too. I hate feeling sick. Hope you feel better.

Anji said...

Connie: I feel much better now thank you.


the wd40 comment made me laugh, its something i grew up with, "spray some wd40 on it,it'll start"...but what part is "it"? lol

gald to hear you're feeling better

Dirty Butter said...

Sorry it's passing around the family. Same thing happened to ours at Christmas.

There's nothing that feels so empty as a house when family all goes home.

Don said...

Praying EVERYONE is feeling better and doing well with the food now!!


Dru Marland said...

Spraying it around the HT coil and the distributor and HT leads that run to the spark plugs is a good idea... the damp usually gets to the ignition system...

sorry you've been poorly; stomach upsets are really horrid, aren't they?

Véronique said...

I never knew about using WD-40 that way! I've only used it as a lubricant. I have used some kind of stuff that dries out ignition wires. Used to have big problems with a Pinto in the (very) old days.

Hope everyone is all well again! Soup is good. :)

Anji said...

I wasn'tbloggedyesterday: would you believe that both of our fathers were engineers and inventers in their own way. Rob and I are hopeless at anything practical

DB: last I heard Olivier was fine - Dom too, I hope that she hasn't caught anything from him.

Don: Thank you. In our family no one goes off their food for long!

Dru: You confirmed that we aimed for the right part.

Véronique: I think I'll write a WD40 post. Olivier was probably better fed with Dom than with me.