Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye, bye 2010

On the whole I think that it’s a good thing that 2010 is on its way out. Looking back over my blog entries, January saw pictures of snow - December too. February is good for birthdays, Olivier and Christian are both February boys. 2010 say the hurricane Xanthia passing through. Unfortunately we drove through the village where there were several deaths quite regularly. It’s still shocking to see the bricked up houses that used to be people’s homes. In March I was still posting about the aftermath of the storm.

Then McAfee did an update which closed down a lot of computers including ours. 2010 wasn’t too cheerful, was it? Nothing interesting to remember in May.

June saw the opening of ExposeYourBlog! A few of us got together disgusted with the way that the owners of BlogExplosion were treating members and volunteers and created our own blog traffic exchange. This is one of the nicest parts of 2010 for me. Being part of building up a new blogging community and making a lot of new blogging friends. June saw celebrations too. 25 years of marriage on the 17th and Rob’s 50th on the 30th.

Only two posts in July!

In September we visited Dom and J-M in their apartment and moved Olivier into his. Christian had also moved out of his Grandma’s and was renting a house with a friend which they eventually bought. I fell over and my knee is still swollen. I celebrated 55. (me!?)

Autumn: Doms’ birthday in November. Mild weather brought, wasps and a hornet as well as the annual hoovering up of spiders, but twice this year.

Time flew by and the year finished with snow and cold weather. We are lucky compared to a lot of places.

I’m looking forward to 2011. As Rob said earlier tomorrow will be 1.1.11. That must be a good omen all those ones - a fresh start.

Happy New Year!


Melissa said...

Here's wishing you and you family a Happy New Year, Anji!

Melissa XX

Caroline said...

I just realised it is 29 years ago that we spent new year in Vimoutiers in Normandy, what food!

Happy new year to you all.

Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

1-1-11 would be a neat birthday to have. Lucky babies born on that day.
Have a Happy New Year.


Happy New Year Anji :)
all those ones have to be good ,hope so anyway :)

I'm glad you started exposeyour blog, I have new friends :)

I'm hoping this year goes a little slower,last one whizzed past!

Rosemary said...

I hope 2011 is better for our family. Lots of family problems and job loss, so it just HAS to be better!!

Yes, today is 1/1/11, and you remind me that I have a Dr.'s appointment on 1/11/11.

Anonymous said...

Ha, yes, I remember the spiders in the vacuum cleaner and the hornet! Happy new year.

cassie-b said...

Happy New Year!!
And have a great 2011!

Wiggy said...

Happy New Year to you too Anji

Véro B said...

I am so late! But I do hope you have a wonderful 2011.

cardiogirl said...

Happy 2011 and congratulations on 25 years of marriage!

Anji said...

I hope that everyone has a happy and peaceful 2011

Stephen said...