Thursday, December 16, 2010

About that phone

This week is exam week every morning for me. It’s gone very well considering I’ve been getting up at 5.15 in the freezing cold and had lessons and a clinic visit to fit in. Last day tomorrow.

One little incident which almost made me laugh out loud: I was with one of our few male colleagues. He’s a very nice man, a gentleman, he keeps well away from any flirting and teasing which goes on, that kind of gentleman. When he noticed that one of the students had her phone on the chair between her knees; Students aren’t allowed to have their phones on them during an exam, he confiscated it and wrote a report out. He wrote that the student had the “telephone between her legs” – sorry I have a dirty mind, I couldn’t help wondering if it was on vibrate…..


Caroline said...

This is a new side of you we have not seen before, have you tried it?

Caroline xxx

Anonymous said...

My ex husband, he died, he used to joke about having his phone on vibrate.

Doris said...

LOL to the "nice" guy! Now was it him or you who was wondering about it being on vibrate..... and did he actually write that in the report?!

I'm still taken aback at the thought you are getting up at 5.15am in the freezing cold. I only manage just after 6am on three days a week and think that is worthy of a medal! Hooray - last day today.

Mary Lou said...


cassie-b said...

I guess his choice of descriptive terms could have been a bit better.
Thanks for sharing!

Anji said...

Caroline: I believe it was Absolutely Fabulous that inspired me.

Connie: This seems to tie up with the post before somehow.

Doris: I'm the one with the corrupted mind.

Mary Lou: Glad you enjoyed it.

Cas: It's nice to know that there are somepoeple who think so simply in this day and age