Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dream time

We were going to the restaurant in the village and decided to sit at a table on the beach. (The restaurant is a about mile from the beach). There were 4 of us, me Rob and I think Dom and J-M though I couldn’t see them. As we approached the tide started to come in very quickly and was pretty rough. The sea was a beautiful silvery blue with white crests. It was freezing as it landed on the stones of the beach. So we started to move away and came upon Howard Hughes talking to groups of pretty girls about his aeroplanes. He would only talk to pretty girls as long as they didn’t start asking intelligent questions, when one of the girls tried to ask a question he rammed a microphone down her throat. We made for the beach again and other people were hurrying away from the sea, but they came from other times in the past. We knew it was getting colder but I was surprised that I didn’t feel the cold. Then I was in an old fashioned shop selling things (food?) and a woman said I was dishonest. I was very upset about being called dishonest because it wasn’t true, though I don’t think anyone else thought that. I could still see the sea through an arch in the rocks and people leaving.

A picture on Mary-Lou’s blog triggered the dream I think. Here’s more.


Melissa said...

Dreams are so surreal. What feels perfectly normal while your dreaming, seems so strange when you recall it. I loved your account of your dream.

I saw that lighthouse on the news a couple of days ago. I hope no one was entombed inside. It might be spring before they could get out!

Melissa XX


I can never remember my dreams.great read of yours thogh :)

Doris said...

Coo. I am sure a dream with a moralistic agenda. And as daft as some of mine! I did wonder when I started to read whether you were talking about an actual outing and thought jeez it must be so cold just now to be eating out at a table on the beach! Doh. It is so horrible to be accused but perhaps you had the ghosts of past times to reassure you?

Jeff said...

Dreams are fun. I almost always can fly in mine. I hear that's a good sign, although of what I don't know.

Keith said...

You should lay off the cheese snacks late at night. . . . and the Pastis!

Anji said...

Melissa: I love dreams because of the surrealism. I often dream of the sea.

Doris: I thought it was too cold to eat on the beach too!

Jeff: I don't get flying dreams now I've grown up :(

Keith: I hate pastis, I dread to think what my dreams would be like it I drank it.