Monday, December 06, 2010


I’ve had a bit of a strange day today. This morning I was supervising an exam at the school of commerce (yes, it’s that season again). I had to get up early and leave in the dark, in the pouring rain to catch the bus. Then wait in the cold waiting room for 20 minutes for the next bus. The waiting room isn’t heated in order to stop homeless people camping there for the day. When I finally arrived, the building has changed and the reception area split up into three different desks. Fortunately the exam department is in the same place.

There were 4 of us looking after about 60 students (we thought we were having 80). Most of the students this morning were Chinese and studying tourism in English so their French is not good. I gave out instructions in two languages. Nothing was straight forward at all. Then the wait for buses and home again. Next week I could be working there for 4 mornings. When the weather is like it is at the moment I’d rather work at home.

This afternoon I’ve been at the mercy of AOL – again. Perhaps there are so few of us left in France on AOL we’ve all been put onto the same decrepit server.

One thing I did manage to do this weekend was put up the Christmas tree and Rob to put out the outside decorations. I’m looking forward to Christmas but I haven’t got into the spirit of Christmas just yet.


Doris said...

Ah, well, I guess exam invigilation is one of those things you just can't do working from home! I hope next week is not as challenging - makes for a bit of interest I guess. AOL?! Is that still out there? Cooo.

It is a funny ole Christmas spirit this year helped along by the copious snow, and now ice, here. If I could dress up in a choir outfit I'd come and stand outside your door and sing Christmas tunes until the spirit was laughed into you ;-) My singing ain't great!

I hope this week doesn't skid by too fast for you. x

PS Word verification today is "inisms". I like that!

Anonymous said...

I am finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I love looking at the lights on the Christmas tree. I bought a fruit cake, love it. I love the Christmas movies on TV. I don't like the crowds in the stores, but I am done with buying presents. Now I can't wait for decorations to go half price the day after Christmas.

Debbie K said...

Dear Anji
I hope your warm heart will be touched by the Christmas Spirit soon. There seems to be so much to do this time of year, the meaning of Christmas can be so easily forgotten.
Bless you
Debbie x


so far I've got the tree up............