Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Recently I’ve noticed the starlings on the move in the mornings. I was opening the shutters one morning and thought that the wind had picked up. The trees weren’t moving so I looked up to see thousands (?)of birds flying over. The next time they were flying pretty low between the houses. The weather was milder so I wonder if they were flying low enough to spot insects. There were certainly a few feeding off the lawn later in the day.

This evening we went for a walk in the pouring rain and an owl swooped silently by.


Sy's Prints said...

that sounds magical! I saw the most amazing programme on Eden the other day about starling swarms in Rome. unbelievable

Mary Lou said...

Just keep them over there please! They are a real PEST over here now!

Melissa said...

It's amazing how they swarm just like insects. Fascinating to watch!

Melissa XX

Anonymous said...

I have never seen an owl fly by.

Dru Marland said...

Cast a cold eye / On life, on death / Owl fly by... :-)

An owl flew by me in a welsh wood in 1984, pursued by other birds ..and then, passing through the same wood in 2007, exactly the same thing happened. Spooky, eh?

cassie-b said...

Nice - we're big time bird watchers here. I really love to watch the crows. They're so interesting.

Véronique said...

An owl fly-by! How wonderful. Starlings less so, but at least they belong over there. They were introduced to North America by some idiot who thought we should have every bird named in Shakespeare, and now they are a nuisance. We finally got a suet feeder that they couldn't reach into, but they decimate the peanuts.

Karen said...

It seems to be an odd year for birds, at least here in San Francisco. The winter took a long time to come on, got very cold, but now it's warm again early. I think their migration patterns might be off.

I do enjoy watching starlings chase round and round after bugs and such. Is both beautiful and sometimes kind of creepy.

The magic of Mother Nature I suppose.

Anji said...

Sy: We love to watch the flock of birds 'flowing' across the open sky in the evening.

Mary lou: A pest here too. They take the seed and bread I put out for the smaller birds.

Melissa: Very true, I could spend hours watching them

Connie: You haven't lived. they are almost silent and very graceful. They have a huge wingspan.

Dru: A timeslip perhaps?

Cas: We don't have crows here, sometimes rooks. This is as far south as rooks go.

Véronique: have you seen how pointed and sharp the starling's beaks are?

Karen: I think migration habits are changing. There are birds being spotted in the UK which didn't used to go there. I wonder what will turn up next!

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Suz said...

Hi Anji that is a very good omen that you saw an owl. She was trying to tell you something I think- use your wisdom.

Anji said...

Suz: Thank you, I'll remember that.