Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on my eyebrows

It’s been 3 years since they dropped out due to stress I think. They are coming back very slowly. I hadn’t been drawing them in because I didn’t want to clog the hair follicles up, but I was getting fed up with a straight fringe in my eyes most of the time. I took my courage in my hand and left a comment on Cherelynn’s blog Makeup University Inc. asking for help. I got a very quick reply and she suggested drawing the eyebrows in with eye
shadow first then using a soft crayon; I tried it and it was so easy to do. I couldn’t believe how good they looked. I’m still working on getting the thickness right, but they look pretty natural and now I don’t panic when the wind blows.

Cherelynn has all sorts of advice on her blog and giveaways too if you live the other side of the (Atlantic) pond. Well worth a visit.


Lucy Melford said...

Thanks Anji for passing on this tip! To raise and correctly shape my eyebrow line I have effectively plucked everything out, and must now watch it slowly grow back in the right place - if it ever does.

Meanwhile, I draw them in daily. Often I get the line right straight off, but sometimes it wobbles, oddly enough when I need to go out somewhere smart and am pressed for time. That's life. But this tip should help.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the great tip. Probably age but I recently have got a few bald patches in mine and was wondering how to fill them in without making them look too artificial so will try Cherelynn's method.

Anonymous said...

Mine are piebald. Bushy, but bi-coloured. There's still a small gap in the middle but I have to cultivate it with judicial use of the razor blade. I never want them to meet.

Anji said...

I'm pleased that I've been able to help.

Yes Lucy, trying to makeup in a hurry always ends in tears (and then you have to start again)
Jackie: It reminds me of the advice my art teacher gave me - it really makes sense.

Graham: so you won't be buying an eyebrow pencil then?

Doris said...

Nice one Anji - it is amazing what a difference brows can make and good to hear that your brows are growing albeit slowly. Now, how about that castor oil idea? I'll let you know how it goes but bearing in mind I have OK brows and lashes to start with. I hadn't come across that blog so thanks for that. x