Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A lady I’d like to meet

I haven’t done the 'meeting the other parents' bit yet, but I’m really looking forward to meeting JM’s mother. I don’t remember all of the details exactly but I seem to remember something about her having a Citroen 2CV and two Dobermans (Dobermen?) when she was young.

The family has an apartment in Paris where JM lived when he was studying there and his younger brother lives now. Unfortunately his younger brother arrived home one day after visiting his parents to find the place taken over by squatters. Can you imagine how upsetting that must have been? He phoned home and I’m not sure how quickly his mother came, but when she came she was armed with chains ropes and super glue (again I’m not sure of the details exactly). She started to board up the shutters and doors with the ropes and chains. Of course the squatters wanted to know what the hell was going on. She told them as they wanted to stay there they could, but they wouldn’t be able to get out. They left.

A few weeks ago the family home was burgled during the night. She bought herself a Rottweiler.

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Keith said...

It's the same in Britland. If squatters get into your home it takes an expensive court order and a long time to get rid of them because they have "squatters rights". What about the rights of the legal owners?

If a burglar breaks into your home here, and the dog attacks him he can sue for damages and under the present laws probably win!

Jan said...

I'm guessing a Rottweiler would be a deterrent to squatting by rational squatters.

stefani said...

Sounds like a brave woman to show up with ropes and chains. :-)

Anji said...

Keith: the only winners are the lawyers

Jan: I think they'd put most people off.

Stefani: Brave and with lots of imagination.