Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blood and gore

Not really but it caught your attention, didn’t it?

Back to the veins on my legs; year 3. I counted yesterday, 109 injections. The needle doesn’t hurt but the product burns a little especially around my knees. Funnily enough they weren’t sore afterwards.

I watched the last two episodes of Season 2 of The Tudors yesterday evening, lots of beheading and blood. Fortunately no nightmares.


Caroline said...


Caroline xxx

cardiogirl said...

So it burns a bit afterward but not for a long time? As you know, I'll be heading into that phase around November.

Do you feel like it was worth it?

Debbie K said...

Dear Anji
You are right, that title certainly got my attention.
I hope your treatment is worth all the discomfort & the results everything you wish for.
Take care
Debbie x

Unknown said...

I'm getting problems with my legs too, my ankles are swollen in one place on both legs and doctors don't seem to be able to tell me why. I'm trying a few holistic therapies and have started doing yoga again, just have to hope it works.
And regarding my employment situation, I found out today I will still get help with my rent if I take an apprenticeship regardless of the hours I'm working. I was worried that if I worked more than 16 hours I would lose housing benefit but that's not the case.
So I'm going to start applying for apprenticeships as well as jobs in the hope I get something.

Anji said...

Caroline: It's worth it.Like a lot of things in life, not so bad if you are in the thick of the action.

Cardiogirl: I think that this part is the least of your worries. It doesn't burn for long at all. I'm sure that you'll be given all the help and advice you need.

nancy I've got a swelling on my knee that is a mystery. it comes and goes on its own.

Good news about the apprenticship, do you know what you would like to be an apprentice of?