Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a thought

I just wondered it anyone else had noticed: As far as we know, the miners that were trapped underground seem to have managed to get along reasonably well together. Do you remember the behaviour of some of the inmates of ‘Big Brother’ (in France ‘The Loft’)? It made me think….


Karen Fayeth said...

Actually, I've been quite amazed at not only how well they got along with each other, but no one lashed out at the rescuers either.

They have been completely civilized, calm and polite.

Not sure I would be the same under similar circumstances!

cassie-b said...

The whole thing was close to a miracle. They had practically no food, and I think they were in darkness. And to have all of them arrive safely to the top was unbelievable.

Graham said...

I've never seen Big Brother but I spent quite a lot of Wednesday watching the miners coming up into the light. Most impressed.

Keith said...

Just think of all the overtime money they will get! Well, except for one of them; apparently he forgot to clock in for his shift!

Bill Y said...

Watching the miners come up one by one on television was fascinating. I just hope that when we eventually get to see movies about it that they don't get the Hollywood treatment. There's so many lessons about human nature to be taken from this.

Kim said...

Just shows you how real reality television is, huh? :) I thought the same thing about those's amazing that they got along with each other and hung in there together through the whole ordeal.

connieemeraldeyes said...

I just read that they got into fights and five of them broke away to keep away from the rest of them.

T. T. Douglas said...

I have never watched Big Brother. On the other hand I was traveling in Latin America these past weeks and saw extensive coverage of the rescue there. Needless to say, the Chileans were quite proud of their rescue job and their miners.

I think it was quite impressive and my hat is off to the Crisis Management skills of the Chilean government. They thought of everything and it was indeed a wonderful outcome. The nation rallied around the miners and it was heartwarming to see the response as all 33 were safely brought up.

Anji said...

Karen: I don't think I'd have kept my cool.

Cas: It truely was a miracle.

Graham: I saw small doses of Big Brother when I was on holiday in the UK. I soon found other worthy occupations.

Kim: Great minds think alike!

Bill Y: In the movie they would be trapped underground with a young lady for 'romantic interest' I'm sure

Connie: wondered when the stories would start to surface too.

TT Douglas: A good example for us all.

Peter (Worldman): said...

You are quite right with your question: It was somehow amusing to compare the miners with the sillyness of "Secret Story" and its "empty" people. Not that I was keen watching it, but it was on for my family. Luckily enough I had an escape with my iPad.

Don said...

I am very impressed with the over all picture of how things turned out. Rumors and truth will start showing up with time on how things actually happened down there, but the only ones that will ever know the full truth, and it will be slanted to their own perceptions, are those that were there.

That they all were able to survive, come up alive, and WAY ahead of the initial reports of around Christmas is great. The way the Chilean government handled it was above reproach, at least from the vantage point I have way over here.!

It is definitely a lesson for other nations and agencies to review and learn from!