Thursday, September 04, 2008

The year moves on

I think it’s time for a little update. We went to the ‘seaside’ at the weekend. We don’t count here as the seaside as the beach is stony and the island is not far across the way. Last time Rob and I went we decided that we wouldn’t go again. Not much fun without bucket and spades and children. Dom asked if we would go just for old times sake so we went and it was one of the three hottest days of the year – the end of last week. So we swam and it was lovely, very crowded though and lots of Brits. In the evening we ate at The Goldwing which is decorated Mexican style. I love the colours warm and faded. We were really surprised at how good it was and not too expensive. American style burgers, though I suspect any passing Americans will wonder where that idea came from.

Olivier has finished at the restaurant and they were very pleased with his work. He earned more than we all thought he would. I told him that I hope he doesn’t spend it all on sex and drugs and rock and roll. I’ve got a feeling that as he worked so hard to get it he’ll hang on to it, for a while. We shall see. He’s started school again – last year, hopefully. They broke his class up as there were a lot of trouble makers but he doesn’t mind too much as he knows most of the others in his new class. So far he’s been pretty cheerful

Dom is busy packing. I’ve been given some makeup she doesn’t want/need any more, so I will experiment with that when everyone is out of the way. She’s just put in a request for new socks before she goes. All the socks in the house seem to have disappeared this summer. Perhaps there is a sock fetishist in the neighbourhood?

Me? I’ve been postcarding most of the time though I did prune the roses and clean out a gutter last week. When we go for our walk in the evenings there are lots of frogs around and they seem to be all sizes. I don’t know if they are different species or all the same but at different stages of development.

The spiders have started to come in. So far just medium sized ones. Winter is on its way.


Peter (Worldman): said...

Things are just happening and as you say, the year moves on. Little things happen, big things happen. We just celebrated new year, we had a few birthdays, spring, summer, autumn and soon the year end is here.

My year is moving on slowly and at the same time quickly. With little things happening. Except one big thing to come in 54 days: My retirement. :-)

elodie prezelin said...

bonjour angela, c'est elodie prezelin , j'habitait l'houmeau et etais en maternelle et primaire avec christian.
tous les amis que nous etions en primaire nous sommes "retrouvés" pour la plupart,( sur le site facebook) et cherchons a avoir des nouvelles de christian !!! pourrais-je avoir moyen de la contacter ? a t'il un blog ou un email ou je puisse luie crire rapidement ?? merci d'avance, j'espere que tout va bien pour lui; bises elodie (

Dawtch said...

We have a sock goblin in our home, too. It seems to be especially drawn to my boy's socks. I swear I buy that kids socks 12 pair at a time, and if I'm lucky, by the time he's worn them all once and I have to launder them, I MIGHT have 6 pairs left...I have bought 4 packages of 6 pairs of socks in the last month (in preparation for school) I probably cpouldn't find more than 8 or 10 pairs...and I just cleaned his room, they aren't there. They're just GONE!
Go figger :)

zoe said...

My washing machine eats socks in this house. Several per wash and it's really annoying.

Things are moving on slowly despite the earlier part of this year having shot by. I'm still job-hunting and hope to hear news from the 3 jobs that I applied for last week in the near coming days, am waiting for a court date and fortunately, so far, no spiders .....

Anji said...

Peter: Every year I take all year to get used to writing the correct year on my cheques and it changes! Your retirement will be here in no time at all!

Elodie: Bonjour, quelle surprise de voir ton massage! email à suivre...

Dawtch: I love the idea of a sock goblin. I wonder how many feet he has!

Zoe: Now you know, your sock goblin lives in the washing machine.

Good luck with the job hunting I know only too well what it feels like. I've missed out on the court it seems, I haven't been able to get around everyone like I used to. Too busy building my postcard empire.

alan said...

As a patron of your empire, I'm grateful for it!

Your life sounds so idyllic as you write above...

I think it would have to be so around you!


Chandira said...

Anji, you need a cat to keep those spiders at bay. Our house doesn't have a single one!

Anji said...

Alan: Life is far from idyllic at times - but we enjoy it. I think I'll print out your comment to show my family in times of stress.

Chandira: One day we will have a cat. Untill then the vacuum cleaner sucks them up.