Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another year passes

The 11th September was my Grandfather’s birthday and also that of Isaac Stolzfut who wrote this poem, scroll down to September 11th. ( Isaac went out over a year ago now and still hasn’t been found.)

I was thinking about what could be my contribution to this day. I did know someone who was indirectly involved, fortunately her story had a happy ending (they married in the end). All I can think of is suggesting that everyone make some sort of effort to make sure that this never happens again. If everyone decides to be more open minded and tolerant towards others. More accepting of everyone’s right to be different, or even to be the same. Perhaps the world might start to be a better place for everyone, wherever they are.


alan said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this, Anji! I owe you such a huge hug!!!

I would like to think my Grandfathers would have shared much in common with yours and the gentleman that wrote this!


Anji said...

Alan: Sometimes I wonder if previous generations were gentler with each other, but perhaps not.