Sunday, September 07, 2008

Me and the frog

Anji: (Kneeling down beside the car) Come on out, you can’t hide under the tyres, you’ll get squashed
Frog: No! Leave me alone
Anji: Come on, I’ll take to a safer place and then we can move the car.
Frog: No, my mummy said to always hide under a rock if I was frightened.
Anji: But it isn’t a rock, it’s a car tyre.
Frog: It smells.
Anji: That’s because it’s made of rubber and it’s not for frogs.
Frog: Don’t poke me with that stick
Anji: I’m not poking you, I’m trying to make you move out of the way
Frog: Alright, I’m coming out – don’t hurt me
Anji: I don’t want to hurt you, I’m going to give you a little ride in my dustpan and put you in a safe place
Frog: whoa! Where are we going now?
Anji: Into the long grass where it’s nice and wet and the magpies can’t see you.
Frog: Thanks.


Shea said...

frog legs taste good

cassie-b said...

Well done!!

And so the froggie lives to face another day.

Anji said...

Shea: I haven't tried them yet. My son managed to block the drain at the restaurant where he worked this summer with the bones..Thanks for your visit.

Cas: I did wonder how long he will last.

Peter (Worldman): said...

Switzerland is composed of three major landscapes. In the north the "Jura", in the middle the "Plateau" and in the south the "Alps".

The "Plateau" goes across all Switzerland from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance. It is a region with a lot of hills, flat lands, rivers and lakes. So, a lot of water. And therefore a lot of frogs. Which get smashed by cars all the time.

There is ona particular part: The three lakes region. Or also called the "Seeland". Which has nothing to do with see or seeing. It is just the German of "Sealand". Because in German a lake is called See.

The three lakes of Neuchâtel, Morat and Bienne are very popular for people to do many activities. And there are a lot of road in that area. And many frogs. Who got, in particular during the mating season smashed, hundreds of them, by cars.

So the community got together. Individuals, authorities. And what did they do? They put barricades along the roads where the frogs cross for them to prevent going on the other side. And built little tunnels under the road for the frogs to go to their (mating) grounds in safety.

And this is no joke. And it shows that sometimes Swiss people has a heart. Even if it is for something small.

alan said...

Here we've had a toad "hanging out" in the back yard just after dark, eating the bugs drawn in by the light on the patio. Angel is almost 13 and her eyes are getting "cloudy" with cataracts, so she's not sure what he is, but won't go out unless one of us walks her past him, lol!

He's not even a large toad, smaller than my palm. She weighs 63 pounds...


john.g. said...

AAww! I have to agree that frog's legs are nice. A bit like chicken.

Chandira said...

I can't even swat mosquitos!! Good for you Anji! :-)

I love frogs, their legs are where they belong, ON THE FROG. I've tried them, they're not that great..

LittleO said...

Aaaw! How cute! ^^ Well done. :)

<3 o.

p.s. : I'm sorry for being so inactive in regards to comments. I've been reading, but just have had enough left over brain power from school to pull together anything worth saying... as was demonstrated above.

Anji said...

All these comments, I must write about the frogs more often!

Peter: I always knew that Swiss people have a heart, you are their ambassador

Alan: There are quite a few toads around too. Now I understand why the cats just sit and look at them. I wonder if they small strange.

Johng: I wouldn't like to eat these, they're too small I think.

Chandira: I can never catch the mosquitoes to swat! You're right their little legs are perfect for THEM.

Littleo:, Don't worry. I'm having a problem trying to keep up with everyone too. Just enjoy your blogging, don't turn it into 'another chore' :) '