Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Helping people

This morning I was heading for the door into the newsagents and the lady in front of me held the door and waited until I came. I thanked her of course. She shuffled ahead of me, obviously handicapped and I was struck by the effort she must have put in to hold that door open. On my way out I held the door open for three men who came in at the same time (the door opens inwards so it was logical or me to hold it open for them). The first man said nothing, the second thanked me and the third, who happened to be my doctor, thanked me and wished me a good day.

Chandni has been writing about helping people too.


cassie-b said...

Good for you.

We call them Random Acts of Kindness. And they seem to get passed along. If someone does a nice thing, then maybe the person they helped will do the same. It's kind of a way to make our own little corner of the world just a bet better.


chandni said...

adding to the above comment..."random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty"


Joanne said...

Adding to the above 2 comments: Manners! They're so important. Isn't it nice that your gesture brought on Thank-yous and best wishes for the day!

Keith said...

Manners are something that has deteriorated over the last few generations. I find that when I am in la belle France people are more polite and well mannered than in Britain. Or are they just feeling sorry for a poor old man?

Denise Clarke said...

What a great story ... thank you


Anji said...

Cas: it's good to pass it on. Smiles work well too I find.

Chandni: Kindness is beautiful

Joanne: Hello, I think the two go hand in hand

Keith: We have our share of the yobs here too, you know.

Denise: Nice to see you, I've been enjoying your wine!