Tuesday, March 22, 2005

One step at a time
Like Andre's mum and Jody , I’m now the proud owner of a pedometer. Rob and I went out to buy ourselves one each yesterday. To be really fit and lose weight you should aim for 10,000 steps a day. We do a lot of walking and I’ve often wondered how far we go every day. Rob bought himself the super dooper version with speed , time and all that on but I wanted to know how many steps I did. I had the last laugh, my cheapo thing works all the time, his sophisticated version turns off if you rest for five minutes and you have to remember to turn it on when you start moving again. Rob is a very enthusiastic person so he wanted to know straight away the how far, how long etc. of all our favourite walks. We did four walks yesterday. Our average speed is just over 4 kms. An hour. I did a total of19254 steps (11.35kms.) and I only put the thing on at 11 o’clock! I slept really well last night.

Today is a ‘normal’ day, I’ve been wearing the pedometer for 6 hours and I’ve done 5714 steps so far.

Yes, I know I should have checked how to spell 'pedometer' in the leaflet.

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