Thursday, March 03, 2005

Meanie of the month
Stacey often reports having problems with parking in disabled parking spots when she goes to Starbucks, I hope she never has this problem.

Our local paper has recently reported that a handicapped man was attacked in a town near to La Rochelle. A man, who was old enough to know better, was trying to make room to park his car outside a café by ramming another car. The owner of the rammed car made his way out of the café to see what was going on and to ask that the assault on his specially adapted car, stop. The first driver, who was very angry, leapt over his car and pushed the handicapped man to the ground, hitting his head and back with great force. The handicapped man was immediately helped by passers by while his attacker drove off in a hurry. Fortunately, one of the passers by took the registration number of the car. The injured man was taken to hospital where his physical and psychological injuries were diagnosed as requiring him to have several days off work. The aggressor was later arrested by the police.

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