Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mr Teacher
asked about what could be left out of CVs. This is a la Française by the way. Name address and telephone should appear in the top left hand corner. No need to put anywhere that it is a CV We were told that you are not obliged to state your age We didn’t talk about sex (I mean male or female!) You don’t need to say if you're married, if you’ve got children, if you’ve been unemployed. If you haven’t got a phone or rely on Mrs. Nextdoor, best not to mention the phone at all (think they must have published the text books some time ago). If you have a different nationality, you should mention that. Only talk about what is relevant to the job. For instance I was a banker when I lived in England, no need to go into that. If they are curious they will ask questions at the interview. The idea is that the CV should stick in the mind of the person who only spends up to 2 minutes maximum reading it.
Any questions?

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