Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Oh dear
I’m having to write this on word this morning as there are no telephone lines at the moment. It’s a strange feeling, being cut off from the outside world, although I do have my mobile.

Bad news, Olivier will have to have two teeth pulled out. He’s got two milk teeth that are trapped. The orthodontist managed to take a mould of his teeth without Olivier throwing up all over him. Apparently around one in five thousand people have very sensitive mouths and throats. Olivier had to concentrate on his breathing. I told him afterwards he knows what to do if he has to give birth one day!! Funnily enough he liked the sensation of the cold wax or whatever it is in his mouth, strange boy….

The Simpson’s
Has anyone else seen the Simpson’s cards which are around at the moment? They are quite good. We even have Homer version 1974. We’ve got four swaps if anyone is interested.

By Jupiter!

I haven’t mentioned Jupiter for a while. She’s still a very happy hamster and greets me every morning when I come into the kitchen. She can get very aggressive with her piece of wood to chew on, especially as it won’t fit into her little house. Olivier went to visit a friend who has the same type of hamster, she just hid at the back of the cage. We must be doing something right

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