Friday, October 10, 2003

Always late.. Or too early
Lots of people who blog come from lots of different time zones. All this is mixed up with what time you 'do' your blogs. I often come in after every body else and usually someone has already said what I would like to say. This morning I've been reading Stacey who has been talking about the difference between joy and happiness. Stacey always writes beautifully and from the heart. Michelle usually beats me to the comments with exactly what I'd like to say, only better than I would be able to express. Then there are the cultural differences, we might speak the same language, but there are all sorts of differences. For example; Bill is talking about 'Peeps', something I've never heard of. Then he mentions conkers- very English. In France the kids don't acknowledge conkers at all. A strange world we live in. Most of us are getting ready for hallowe'en, aren't we?

Every week for some time now Zoe has been holding a battle of the blogs. This week we are choosing between D4D and Naked Blog. Both have which produced their manifestos. I happened to stumble across Naked Blogs manifesto which contains how he will illiminate, teachers, the unemployed and people over fifty. Ha! I immediately posted my comment, identifying myself! The outcome is a good giggle and I got a few more visits. I've also found myself a jolly good read.

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