Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Health (and wealth) report

Yesterday afternoon found me at the Dentist as well as the Doctors. My gums seem to be fine now and the cleaning process was a lot quicker than in the past – must be keeping them much cleaner myself. The dentist X-rayed my three crowns at the front. They are 40 years old now and will need to be replaced. He gave me a quote for 2400€ (that’s $3140 or £2051). Unfortunately he’s not registered with my insurance company, so I would have to go somewhere else to get more money refunded. I can’t afford 2000€ at the moment - I don’t think that I can ever remember being able to afford 2000€! Fortunately there are two other Dentists locally that work with the insurance company.

The Doctor’s visit went better for me. It’s taken me a while (two years) to get used to my new Doctor after having the previous one for 22 years. My thyroid is playing up a bit. I’ve got to lower my dose of thyroxin (e) a little. He suggested doing it by alternating 150µg and 125µg every other day. I have noticed myself being moody recently – Rob has noticed too. Perhaps that is why. Other than that everything is tickity boo!

The sun is shining and it’s starting to feel warm at long last. Olivier went off to spend the afternoon at his friend’s pool.


Marie said...

Ugh, teeth!! Can there be anything worse when they are acting up?!? I have a terrible dental phobia, mostly because I have the classic awful Celtic/Anglo Saxon teeth, so any work is always an ordeal. An expensive ordeal.

But I have a lovely smile. lol

I wish you much luck and little pain (financial or otherwise)in getting your crowns replaced. :)

Doris said...

Isn't it lovely when the sun shines :-)

As for crowns - good luck with sorting the finances! Whatever the reasons for your crowns, many years ago for a brief time I was on benefits after son was born, I took advantage of getting my teeth done when I was on benefits. This was the dentist with the sexy boots and was very cute .... anyway, I have tetracycline staining on my adult teeth from birth and because this was not my fault I would be entitled to have all my teeth crowned on the National Health. Anyway, I chose not to go down that path as I knew that one day the crowns would need fixing or replacing and I would not be on benefits and would have to find the money. Hearing what your bill is I am so glad I did not choose that route.

Here's to tickety boo :-D

Anji said...

Marie: So it must be my anglo saxon teeth that are the problem. On my mother's side of the family there are a lot of false teeth - I've done well to keep mine this long. The smile says it all!

Doris: When I had my crowns I never even thought about the future and I'm sure that it was never mentioned at the time. I'm going to wait a few months and see how much the other dentists are charging.