Thursday, June 27, 2013

Painted pylon painters

While travelling along the duel carriage way into town the other day, we noticed that some of the huge pylons parallel to the road had been painted, some red, some yellow. They weren’t finished and when we took the exit road, sure enough, there were the painters putting on their climbing gear and getting ready for a day’s painting. We knew they were the ones because their clothes and hats were beautifully splattered in red and yellow. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of taking my phone out to take a picture.

Yesterday we went south to meet some friends who live near to an estuary. Again the road was accompanied by huge pylons. These hadn’t been painted and are probably not to be disturbed for some time. Perched near the top of each pylon were one or two stork’s nests, complete with busy parents coming and going in order to feed their young. I did try to take photos, but we were moving too fast.

Google has lots of them, some in Spain too:

French Wikipedia tells us that storks make their nests at the top of pylons especially in the marshes surrounding Brouage - which is where we went!


Caroline said...

On our drive back through France we seemed to pass through the largest concentration of pylons on earth!

I loved the range of different shapes used in France , we seem to have a standard pattern and stick to it whilst yours often look quite human. One small group just looked like a couple with small child, never a camera ready in the car...

I thought most workmen were being employed building roads but using some to cheer up the pylons sounds like a good idea.

Anji said...

Caroline: I find them fascinating. Here's the page about them with photos of all sort: