Wednesday, January 02, 2013

About those New Year resolutions

I’ve actually written some down.

I wonder how many people like me have decided to lose some weight this year. Millions, judging by all of the advice that is cluttering up my email box. I’ve  read  a few (100 or so) ideas and surprise, surprise, I already carry out a lot of them. I drink water, don’t take sugar in tea or coffee, eat breakfast, eat plenty of fibre, don’t snack between meals, dessert at lunch time is always fruit and so on. I know what my problem is – portion size. That’s another resolution for the list, reduce portion size.

One useful tip I did pick up: Just aim for a 5% weight loss and then take it from there. A lot of health websites tell you to aim for 10 %.  5% seems more obtainable to me.

 I’ve also decided to exercise for at least 10 minutes 3 times a week (as well as the normal walking I do). I accidently discovered something to help. Just now, I thought I’d start off with 5 minutes to music. I put on Boz Scaggs; an old friend of mine for exercising to. 6 minutes passed without any effort at all! I hadn’t realized how important a good tune was to get me moving.

 I’m also aiming for more blogging. I’ve been rather slack over the past year. I’m also going to try to make my posts more interesting. While I’m at the keyboard I need to write more fiction and poetry. Hopefully I should have slimmer fingers at least from all of the typing.


Lucy Melford said...

More blogging is a great idea, Anji, but (a) watch out for 'writer's bottom', and (b) I blog a lot, as you know, but haven't noticed my fingers becoming slender and elegant!

Happy New Year!


Dru Marland said...

Apart from painting more pictures, I decided yesterday that I should resolve to learn to cook the perfect omelette (inspired by my epiphanous omelette in Haut Beaujolais back in autumn). So I suspect that the losing weight thing might prove problematic here in the Scholss.... good luck with your reses!

Doris said...

I'm not sure that the breakfast thing is a myth. I've been doing without (as a morning meal) for quite some weeks now so that I am eating all my day's calories in just a five hour slot each day from the late afternoon and that is having a great effect. Apparently during the fasting hours the body goes into repair mode rather than growing mode when it always has food to process. I have a busy life and have not suffered as a result of not breaksfast and I do not feel the need to snack.

However, we must each do what suits us. Portion size is crucial. Funnily enough I knew I couldn't adjust my portion size and yet I can fast all day!

Yaay for the more blogging. Just write from the heart methinks.

Good luck Anji - we'll be cheering you on :-)

keith said...

Dru - If you want to make the perfect omelette then look no further than here:
Julia Childs Method

This is the one I use. perfect every time!

Anji said...

All my replies got lost!! Thank you all for the comments. Keith's suggestion is well worth watching.