Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The end of the world

I dreamt that we knew that the end of the world was coming. I was in a house with children that I loved; my own children, my parents, my sisters and brother and some others (perhaps ex pupils). They were all children. I was the only adult with them.

We were on the first floor and there were stairs leading down to the front door, though it couldn’t be seen from the room we were in. There was an explosion a long way away and out of the window we could see buildings collapsing and turning to dust radiating out from the blast. I called the children to me and most of them came, although some preferred to carry on playing. I didn’t insist, as long as they weren’t afraid and happy with what they were doing.

I was expecting an explosion as the crumbling buildings became closer and closer to where we were. Some dust was coming in through the front doorway which I realized was open. The dust was coming up the stairs. I decided there wasn’t much point in closing it. Through the windows we could see dust rising to the level of the room we were in. It was a greeny yellow dust. At this point I realized that we were going to suffocate and be buried in the dust. I started to pray; at first for help, when I realized there was no use in that. I asked for peace and calm so that the children wouldn’t be afraid. I woke up when my breathing started to become really difficult, but I was still calm


Caroline said...

Why can't dreams be fun and relaxing...?

Doris said...

What a dream! I bet those images are hard to shake... I've no idea how one is supposed to interpret a dream like that except how you felt and reacted to what was happening.

There was a film I inadvertently watched recently where the world was destroyed and one saw the buildings and everything vaporising with the last shot on the family hugging.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't eat cheese just before going to bed. . . .

Anji said...

Caroline: I suppose if they were relaxing we'd fall asleep!

Doris: It was a dream that was hard to shake off afterwards. we have the DVD of that film; Something to do with numbers and Nicholas Cage - Predictions. No one is spared at the end.

Keith: I live in France - What else can I do?