Monday, January 07, 2013

Moi, giving cookery advice?

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about cooking before*. I came across a very interesting tip the other day which I thought I’d share: When you are cake making, substitute the butter with pureed avocado pear. Yes, you did read it right. Apparently cookies that were made with avocado were less crumbly and it doesn’t change the taste.

 At Christmas I made a mustard cake which was very dry, it sounds like the ideal way to solve the problem. (Mustard cake makes a nice nibble to go with drinks before a meal)

Don’t forget to let me know how you get on.

Check out the comments in my previous post. Keith has left a link which could be useful if you are aspiring to make the perfect omlette.

*I tell a lie, if you click on the cookery label below,  I posted something about 7 years ago.


Unknown said...

Is "avocado pear" the same thing as avocado? I have never heard of this little tidbit, but it seems like a golden nugget of info! :)

Doris said...

You don't blog about cooking?!!! As one who probably blogs a bit too much about cooking and food it does seem a bit strange to me. Though according to your one other post on the subject, you are the one with bookmarks in your cookery books - I have never yet reached such heights but then I am mainly a make it up as you go, except with cakes and pastry. The avocado sounds incredible as a substitute. I will let you know when I get round to trying it out.

Is your mustard cake a savoury? Sounds interesting too and very much up my street.

Anji said...

Margaret: the very same and I seem to remember that it is very expensive in the States. I love it.

Doris: I have my tried and tested recipes, but things like lasagna and spag bol I make up as I go along. I make most dishes from scratch.

Mustard cake is a savory cake, we also have olive cake too, which is very good. Dom made us pear and roquefort cake which was wonderful!

One day i will get around to translating and posting the recipe for the mustard cake.

Garden Gnome said...

Anji, you can substitute applesauce for the fat as well for a low fat yet tasty version of the same cake.

Anji said...

GG; that sounds good too. Thanks for the advice.