Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Wedding post

The weather yesterday morning was perfect for a wedding, sunny without a cloud in the sky. By the time our train arrived in Poitiers it was raining. Dom and JM met us at the station and drove us round to their apartment. It was our first visit to out apartment so JM showed us around. I’m pleased to report that their corridor is wide enough to accept bookcases. They’ve got a lovely flat with room for an office.

The wedding meal was before the ceremony and we all went to an organic restaurant. ‘We all’ consisted of families and witnesses. Dom and JM’s friends made an effort to speak English from time to time – though they were all so good I don’t think they needed to struggle. I sat next to JM’s brother who is a younger version of JM and I was pleased to discover that he really is interested in vintage postcards, especially from WWI. The meal was surprisingly filling considering I chose a salad. The cake was delicious, chocolate pear!

 After we finished our meal the happy couple and witnesses went back to change, so we wondered around the Christmas market and shopping center and then to the town hall to wait for a few minutes. There we got to know Nadia – Dom’s colleague and witness – who was in charge of the flowers. She’s researching reading problems and dyslexia.

A civil wedding in France is really short; basically reading the law and declaring the happy couple man and wife. After which we went into a magnificent room at the side for photographs. We walked back to their flat in the rain and had just time for speeches and a glass of champagne before the train home. The youngsters were off out once the oldies were out of the way.

It was lovely to see that they have such good friends. And JM’s family is very fond of Dom we know, as we are fond of him. So now I am Officially a Mother-in-law.
The official bride with her official mother

An embarrassing moment
Dom and JM took us to the station in their Twingo which is a small car. I’ve always had trouble getting out of the back of the car and my foot slipped as I got out of the car so my weight went down onto my left knee. I was stuck half in and half out as I couldn’t push myself up. Dom and JM had to lift me up out of the car. I did feel such a fool; it was painful at the time, but once I was on my feet I was okay. No swelling today fortunately

Stained glass window in the town hall, Poitiers
 *Photos by Rob


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything went OK. My step-daughter, who lives near Brive, had a church wedding and a civil one (which apparently is required by law in France) but it was very short, about 30 minutes. The Church wedding was about an hour, and the celebrations went on for TWO days!

You fell out of the car? Tut! How much vin and champers did you have?

Doris said...

Ahh so lovely to read about it. Congratulations to all concerned.

My sis married in a civil wedding so there are not many pics but the one she keeps on the wall all these years later is on the street from the registry office to the restaurant stood in the rain holding an umbrella kissing her hubby and with my daughter underneath holding the flowers as she was the little flower girl. Seeing your umbrella pic reminds me so much of then.

Extra congratulations to the new mother in law :-) xxx

Anji said...

Keith: did you know that if you marry in a Catholic church in the UK you would have to have a civil marriage too? The vicars in the C of E are also registrars (probably thanks to Henry VIII)

I didn't fall out - I was stuck inside!

Doris: Dom is a third generation registry office wedding. My sisters had the whole white dress thing but their first marriages only lasted two years. The big 'do' is all right if you like that sort of thing, but I think that afterwards is the important bit

Mary Lou said...

Finally I get around to reading past blog posts and see that you had a C hristmas Wedding to plan. gLAD EVERYTHING WENT WELL FOR YOUR DAUGHTER. (now if I can only remember how to type!) Is Dom living close to you? Congratulations on being a new Mother in law!!

Anji said...

Mary lou: It's good to see you here. I didn't do any of the planning. We just went, ate, watched the ceremony and drank champagne. Dom is about 90 minutes drive fom here. They have an appartment in the same street that Olivier lived in two years ago