Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Christmas post

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Rob’s computer died on him, so as we were sharing I didn’t have time to wish everyone a Happy Christmas. I even had a postcard ready to scan to illustrate my post. It will keep now until next year.

We had a lovely Christmas, Olivier, Dom and J-M were here with us and I spoke to Christian on the phone. Dom and J-M left on Boxing Day to finish preparations for their wedding.

As the blogging world works upside down, if you are reading this you’ve already read the wedding post!


Caroline said...

Christmas, wedding and new year all together, all the fun over in a flash!

Are you looking forward to being an official grandmother?

Happy new year, Caroline xx

Anji said...

Caroline: Dom wants to finish her Doctorate first. J-M will be happy to be a stay at home dad, he says. We will have to wait and see...