Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today is my turn

Today is my birthday!! Dom and J-M are slaving away in the kitchen. Dom is making ratatouille and J-M has finished making tiramisu (and he let me lick the bowl). Among my presents I had this beautifully illustrated book!

It’s beautifully sunny, but will it be hot enough to eat lunch outside?


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Anji... and congratulations on putting the beautiful book on your watch list and getting exactly what you wanted for a present!

Anna said...

Hope You have an amazing birthday!
Today is not my birthday, it was an late gift. I had my birthday in July.
But since my friend live in a town far away. I got it to day.

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday!

Don said...

A VERY Happy Birthday Anji! I hope you get many more great gifts, both physical such as the book, and otherwise!


Dru Marland said...

(checks clock) phew, just in time! Happy birthday!

Voegtli said...

Happy Birthday, Anji

Véro B said...

En retard -- Bonne Fête! J'espère que tu as passé une bonne journée. Le menu me plaît aussi. :)

Anji said...

thank you all for your wishes - and in French too. The meal was perfect, especially as I didn't have to wash up afterwards

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Anji,

Belated birthday greetings.

Hope you enjoyed your day.




alan said...

Days late and dollars short, I still hope your Birthday was Happy and grand!

I'm glad you got such a special present as well!


Debbie K said...

Dear Anji
I hope your Birthday bought you everything you wished for.
You have the most beautiful kind Spirit.
Bless you
Debbie x

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's late but I hope you had a wonderful birthday on Sunday

Karen said...

I know I'm woefully belated, but Happy Birthday!!!

Anji said...

Thank you for the second round of wishes. Even belated ones are appreciated.