Friday, September 03, 2010

Complicated son

Life can be complicated, especially where Olivier is concerned . He’s been home since the end of May and has worked all of June, July and three weeks of August. He finished work last Thursday and announced that he was going camping with his friends until Tuesday. On Tuesday I had a message to say that he would be home on Wednesday. We were supposed to take him and all of his belongings to Poitiers yesterday.

In the meantime he transferred his telephone account into his own name and ordered a Blackberry. The phone was to arrive on Monday and I would collect it on Monday and put it on charge. As it happened I went to the collection place on Friday to collect the new bedding I’d ordered for him and the lady explained that she doesn’t have deliveries on Monday and anyway he must collect his own order with his ID card. He called there on Wednesday, on his way home at seven, just as she was closing and had already turned off the computer. She was closed Thursday morning so he had to go Thursday afternoon.

The agency for his apartment couldn’t see him to check over the place (a legal requirement in France) until Saturday, So he’s still here until tomorrow. Rob is now at work until Tuesday so we won’t be going until Tuesday or Wednesday to take most of his belongings. The phone is lovely and didn’t need charging up for too long. It isn’t connected yet so he’s taking two phones with him. Oh I forgot to mention, he hasn’t fixed up his electricity yet….

I keep telling Olivier to be aware of Mr. Unforeseen-Circumstances who is always hanging around waiting to stick his leg out and trip you up. He never listens.


Berly said...

They never do. Mine is 19. And he's still here. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Anji, I have three daughters, a son, two sons-in-law and six grandchildren. What were you saying about Mr Unforeseen-Circumstances? And have you met the rest of his family? I dream of a life without dramas.
As a release, I occasionally like to go to Mediterranean countries and pee in unexpected places. But you didn't want to know that, did you?

Peter (Worldman): said...

Yes, it is true. They never listen. I never listened either.

Anji said...

Berly: Thanks for visiting, Olivier is 19 too. Hopefully he'll start enjoying living away from home.

Graham: I asked for that, didn't I? I forgot that in the UK peeing like that is illegal. It must be very liberating when you go abroad.

Peter: If I think about it, I definately didn't listen

Phyllis said...

My parents were lucky with me. The day after graduation I left home and have been on my own since, learning from the school of hard knocks. But that is what made me who I am today. Alot of bumps & bruises, but I turned out ok. Sure glad I didn't ahve any kids to worry about. (not really, I do wish I had kids).

Designer Girl said...

I was here. Proof. Thanks for always coming back to my blog and leaving a message. You cannot begin to know how much that has meant to me.

Anji said...

Phyllis: I'll lend you mine if you like. From what I remember of my past; it doesn't seem so bad when you're the one living it all.

Designer Girl: Thanks for finding the time to say hello. Hopefully you'll be able to spend more time visiting and blogging in the future.