Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The day without cars

As today was the day without cars in town, Rob and I took the bus this morning, which was free. I think this must be about the 15th year without cars, but the first time I’d actually been along to see how it works. The strangest part was the (almost) silence. There were buses and electric cars and also a few residents who lived in the streets leaving the zone to go off to work. There were other activities here and there as the town is keen on encouraging people to walk more, take up sport and eat sensibly. (Who allowed the three MacDonald’s I wonder).

I was surprised at how disorientating it is not to have the flow of the traffic to remind you where to go. I always take a wrong turn when I leave the opticians for some reason (Perhaps I should put my glasses on). I got lost!


Peter (Worldman): said...

Well, I have all my days, since March 16, without car. I made an accident with my lovely 15 year old Citroën Xantia. The repair would have cost to much. And buying a new car made me think. I am 67 (of course, on paper only) and I am afraid that in my country they will come with something that people over 70 need a medical checkup every 3 month or are only allowed to drive from midnight to 5 in the morning.

Anyway, there is no need to have a car really, our public transport system is so efficient. And, statistically, every inhabitant in Switzerland is living within 300 meters from a public transport station. I am living 100 meters from a station.

fruey said...

I just worked out you live in France (it's not immediately apparent). Have you always lived there, or are you an expat?

Just curious.

Veronica said...

Much as I love my Subaru, I am mostly a user of transit and a walker. It must have been lovely on car-free day!

Anji said...

Peter: I'm sorry that you lost your car. I read your post about travel in Switzerland, it was interesting to read about how easy it was to get around.

Fruey: We've lived here for 26 years almost. we've just celebrated 20 years of French nationality.

Veronica: it was lovely, there was an air of fête. The organisers go to a lot of trouble to make it interesting.

fruey said...

Wow. 26 years. I've lived here for 7 myself, been in French speaking countries for 12 (I lived in Morocco before moving to France). England seems more and more like a foreign country - to me - every time I go back.

Anji said...

fruey: England is a foreign country for me now.