Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th

I imagine that nearly everyone can remember what they were doing on September 11th 2001. Most people know someone who knows someone, or has a tale to tell of that day. The thing that always makes me catch my breath is the English (as a foreign language) text books used in secondary schools. Every book had a character who was fortunate enough to travel to New York and they always visited the twin towers. Book published after 2001 include a visit to ground zero.

In one book someone who was in the towers on the day, talks of meeting “fire fighters rushing up the stairs” on the 30th floor. Can you imagine being able to continue rushing up the stairs at the 30th floor? How many stories of bravery are there from that day that we will never know about? – More than 3000.

September 11th was my grandfather’s birthday, had he lived he would be 99 years old. Today is also Isaac Stozfut’s 91st birthday, he disappeared without trace just over two years ago. Here is the poem he wrote about September 11th.


Reviewer11 said...

So true. I remember what I was doing too on that day. I was watching a DVD and changed it to scan through a few channels. Nothing good, so I watched on the DVD episodes I was watching. Then around 5 am in my time, I stopped the DVD player and saw the first report and got to see it live when an airplane crashed into the tower. :O

Anji said...

Reviewer11: I don't think that the film that I saw was live. It was too much to take in at the time.

Shoail said...