Thursday, June 10, 2010


I decided to look up Vinegar in my ABC of Natural Beauty by Dian Dincin Buchman. I used organic cider vinegar on my hair, she says that apple-cider vinegar is the best vinegar for skin and hair care in her opinion. It is also a reliable cure for dandruff. Vinegar is good for skin care and blackhead control. You can pour vinegar into the bath and soak in it (only a cup to the bath – you don’t want to smell like a fish and chip shop) to restore energy.

It can be used as a ‘douche’, but not every day. I think I’d talk to the Swedish Chef before trying that one out.

I had an interesting comment from Dreamer13:
“I use Apple Cidar Vinegar on my hair all the time! :) I do 50/50 mix with water and use it in place of conditioner. Works great! :)”


Dreamer13 said...

Awww! Thanks for the link! and for more info on the uses of ACV!

cassie-b said...

I use vinegar for my hair and lots of other things as well. Our main cleaning is done with a mix of vinegar and water. It does the bare floors, the mirrors, the windows, the shower, the list just goes on and on. What a money saver! And it's not bad for the earth either.
I'll have to ty it on skin care too. Thanks.

Véronique said...

Vinegar and water is the most common douche, but you use only a little vinegar -- white, not cidar -- in the water. So it's basically a very weak acetic acid solution. And still, it's only for occasional use.

First on my head, now in the bath! I don't know about this. :)

Anji said...

Dreamer13: You're welcome!

Cas: I know I could use it a lot more around the house, does it leave much of a smell?

Véronique: You are under medical supervision (just put that incase someone who doesn't know you reads this). At least it is a natural product. I'm not sure about the bath either, I'm going to Google to find out more

Graham said...

Vinegar, Great stuff. Mix it with brown sugar and gargle with it. Then you'll be able to sing like me. I can't hold a melody or find a note, but I can warble tunelessly for hours.

p.s. Thanks for your very kind words, Anji.x

The Gangster of Love said...

Will vinegar keep my hair from falling out, that is going to be a big concern for me in the next few years! :)

soulMerlin said...

In my case, I'm so glad that the word 'hair' is both singular and plural.


Jackie said...

I take a teaspoon in warm water every morning for all it's health benefits plus also use in salad dressings and on my hair. I use the natural one with the "mother" still in it and not the distilled one.

Anji said...

Graham: I'll try the gargle out next time I have a sore throat.

TheGangsterofLove: I approve of your name. Try it and see.

Henry: Ever the optimist!

Jackie: I used to do that when I was young and dieting as well as a ciderho capsule (I think that's what they were called)

My salad dressing is (for the base) cider vinegar and rapeseed oil. Then I throw in whatever takes my fancy.