Thursday, June 03, 2010

It’s all happening on the wall

I was startled to see a bird fight on the wall across the road the other morning. A pair of European Greenfinches appeared from nowhere and disrupted the Sparrow population’s morning feed. One of the intruders was chased off at high speed with a piece of bread in his beak. The bird left behind had managed to get its beak entangled in some fur left over from the night before when our neighbour groomed his dog. He was hopping around with a beard. Then it occurred to me that perhaps he was trying to disassociate himself from his partner’s bad behaviour.

A little later, when it was pouring with rain, I noticed two doves on the wall getting pretty romantic. I could tell by the way they were caressing each other’s necks what was going to happen next. Poor things, they reminded me of a pair of desperate teenagers with nowhere to go. “pretend we just got caught in the rain”*.

*The Faces -You’re so Rude


Véronique said...

Not familiar with the Faces song, but I know where the title of your entry comes from. :)

Karen Fayeth said...

Ah yes, Spring, when all the animals get a little wild.

We're experiencing that here too. Tho it is the neighborhood squirrels that are getting romantic. Not quite as pleasing to the ears as the cooing of doves!!

soulMerlin said...

do slugs get romantic? :)


ps: that sounds like one very wild wall :) :)


lisalisa said...

I didnt know you could have such fun watching birds!

Dru Marland said...

must be a french pigeon thang. Round here, in answer to Ella F's "Have you ever seen two turtle doves / bill and coo when in love?" -the answer is "NO! But I've seen plenty of bloke pigeons strut their stuff and... well, you know..."

Anji said...

Véronique: Now you've said that I can't get it off my brain.

Karen: Thanks for your visit. the squirrels around here are hiding - perhaps they are modest ones.

Henry: Aren't things like slugs asexual? I only see them in groups of one around here...

Lisalisa: better than the TV in this country any day.

Dru: I'm not sure what they are now I've started looking them up. When our neighbour left her husband and children a few years ago she released them and they seem to have settled in the neighbourhood. they are like Eurasian Collared Doves without the collar. I didn't know that doves and pigeons were so complicated until this evening!

Keith said...

We have a family of white doves, about 10 of them (Aunts, uncles, cousins etc), obviously homeless, living in a tree nearby.

One of my neighbours bought a huge dovecote at great expense and erected it in his garden.

The doves inspected it, room by room, but it didn't suit them so they went back to living in the tree! No amount of food will tempt them into it.

Word verification, "bless"!

Anji said...

Keith: Bless you too. A case of you can take the dovecote to the doves, but you can't make them live in it...