Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Silicone and me

A few months ago I had some real problems with my hair. It suddenly became like candyfloss. I was heartbroken, it had never been so bad before. Dom had had some problems too and her hairdresser had said something about silicone; Silicone is what makes your hair glossy and straight by sealing the outer layers. It works very well for a little while, but it seals the moisture out. Then your hair begins to look awful. I decided to do some research, especially as my hairdresser told me to throw out anything containing silicone. Non of the products I had in the cupboard said that they had ‘silicone’ in. Silicone gets called all sorts of names and some types are a lot worse than others. I cleared out quite a few products. How to remove the remaining silicone in my hair was the next problem. Some are water soluble, some can removed with a gentle shampoo and some needs sulphates to remove them. This is what I found. Follow the link entitled ‘ clarify your hair’.

This afternoon I rinsed my hair with vinegar to clarify my hair. Rob came home early and we went off for a walk before I had chance to dry my hair as I would have liked to. I was expecting it to go all fuzzy and it didn’t. It’s not as nice as it used to be (before silicone), but I’d recommend the vinegar – I’m not sure about the smell, though it’s not as strong as I thought it would be.


Caroline said...

I know you can do just about anything with a bottle of vinegar but this is a new one on me. Did you have to use a really nice on like my favourite Banyuls vinegar?

Caroline XXX

Dru Marland said...

There's something else learned. Whatever I do to my hair, it always looks a mess after hardly any time. Partly the bicycle, partly the hot weather. Mostly genetics I think.

Dreamer13 said...

I use Apple Cidar Vinegar on my hair all the time! :) I do 50/50 mix with water and use it in place of conditioner. Works great! :)

Nice blog, btw. come visit me, too, if you like. I found you thru blogexplosion.

Véronique said...

This is all new to me! I use L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair, and I hope that's OK. I just do what my hair stylist tells me.

I wonder how a nice aged balsamic would be? :)

Anji said...

Caroline: I must look up the uses of vinegar. I used organic cider vinegar (see next post).

Dru: My hair has definately changed for the worse with age.

Dreamer13: I don't know if I'll use it all the time, but hopefully it's shifted the left over silicone on my hair.

Véronique: Although I don't colour my hair I tend to choose products for coloured hair because they contain richer products. Now I check the labels for hidden silicone!

I think my nice aged balsamic is going to stay for salad dressings- too good to wash away.

cassie-b said...

I thought I posted, but don't see it. I just commented on how great vinegar is - and that I've heard it suggested as a hair rinse. Maybe silicone is the reason.

Anji said...

Cas: I know you posted, on the next post.