Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soap nuts - part II

I’ve now done three washes with the soap nuts. The first two were at 30°c and the last was towels and tea towels which I wash at 60°c. I’m not sure that the nuts were up to a hotter wash on their third go. The strangest part is the lack of smell. I suppose that I associate the smell of scented chemical products with clean.

As I type this, I think I’ll probably save 2 or 3 euros (3euro = $3.65 = £2.42)a month on cost, but much more on the cost to the environment. The nuts came in a ziplock bag printed with the details. The bottom of the bag is badly printed, so for the moment I’ll be using an ordinary product for whites as I add a whitener. I don’t normally use a softener except for woollens, I can’t say that the washing feels softer after using the nut and I haven’ ironed anything washed with the nuts yet. I’ve yet to try a couple of drops of scented oil with the wash. As I have two men to wash for I’ll have to choose my perfume carefully.


lisalisa said...

That sounds like a great enviromentally friendly idea.
I have never heard of soap nuts before. Is this something new?

Veronica said...

Ah, Europeans and wash temperature. I remember when I was staying in London (Maida Vale in Westminster, technically), and we had a Phillips combination washer-dryer in the kitchen. I did a coloured load at the temperature marked for colours. OMG! My stuff was never the same again. It was way too hot. Everything came out with a bluish tinge. :)

At home, we wash almost everything in cold water. That's pretty typical for North America these days, I think. I wonder if soap nuts would still work.

I just love to say the phrase "soap nuts." :)

Doris said...

Hmmm. For me, the jury is still out. But then I think it is part of the fact that we are so used to having the perfumes of washing substances, even though we spend our time trying to find something not too highly scented, I can imagine going the other way and one would be tempted to feel the clothes are not even clean.

Bravo you for the experiment and I look forward to hearing more. It could be one of those things that once you are through the initial changes that you get used to the new way of washing. Just getting through that "pain" barrier.

Graham said...

Hello Anji.
Soap nuts sound fascinating.

Anji said...

LisaLisa: I don't think that they are new as such. But I'd never seen them before so I thought I'd give them a try.

Veronica: I don't think they would. they need warmth to release their 'soap' I've heard other horror stories of North Americans and European washing conditions!

Doris: I think that I'll always keep some 'real' washing products and use the nuts for easy washes (no stains) Thank you for the praise, especially from one who braved the moon cup!

Graham: They are indeed.