Friday, November 06, 2009

Some ideas are better than others

I’ve got my Igoogle set up so that when I click the icon for Mozilla it’s all there. All decorated (Elena Suprun) just like home. The latest widget I’ve acquired is the Writers Idea Bank; every time you refresh the page, 5 more crazy ideas pop up. Great for blogging too!

This morning it asked me to imagine kissing someone twice my age. That would mean someone of 108. Needless to say, I refreshed the page.


Dru Marland said...

I once gave mouth to mouth to a very old man. He was unconscious, and unable to protest. It was a leathery and bristly experience. And he, though far too old to be a page, was resolutely unrefreshed.

Anji said...

Dru: we had a friend who was old who died on the ferry on the way back from France. Could it have been?

I've only ever doen mouth to mouth on a dummy. Fortunately my exam consisted of immobilising a broken leg as I could never get the neck right in the dummy so that its chest inflated.

Wendy Ascham said...

You obvious were a miserable failure at school with arithmetic. You should have said "That would mean someone of 82"! Looking at your picture you can't be THAT old (54? Pfffft!).

Dru Marland said...

No, Anji; this death was in a local pub (the Kebab and Calculator from the Young Ones, as it happens.

Ferries do seem to get a large number of deaths; I suppose it's the stress of travel and unfamiliar surroundings. I'm sorry your friend had to go that way.

Mary Lou said...

Ewwww! Just the thought would make me want to refresh the page!

Anji said...

Wendy: You are too kind; Maybe it's an old picture of me!

Dru: I'd seen him a couple of weeks before and he really looked like death warmed up (not a nice way to put it, but it was true). I wasn't surprised when we got the news.

Mary Lou: perhaps it will prompt someone, somewhere to write a horror story.