Friday, July 11, 2008

Peeping Tom

My son is a typical 17 year old I think. Now the long holidays have started he stays out late, usually hanging out at a friends house. I’m not too keen on him coming in as I’m getting up, but it does come in useful sometimes. The other morning I could hear footfalls outside as I got up at six and assumed Olivier was making his way home at last. He didn’t come into the house straight away. Not unusual as the freezer is in the garage and he sometimes brings a snack in if he’s hungry. When he did manage to get the key into the lock and come in he was quite animated. As he was walking towards the house he saw a man come in through our gate and plant himself outside our bedroom window (we live in a bungalow). The wooden shutters don’t fit too well after 23 years of blazing sun and damp winters. He can see in if the light is on, though he wouldn’t be able to see much unless he was lucky (!) enough to be there as I walk out of the bedroom. Olivier managed to approach the man, who was intent on seeing inside, which must have given him a shock. The man ran off and Olivier chased him until he got onto his bike which was parked in the little path between the houses.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had problems over the years which is why I didn’t think Olivier was hallucinating. I’ve cut out some cardboard to put just inside the shutter to act as a screen though I don’t think he’ll be back for a while.

Olivier had his exam results today. He didn’t do too badly and surprised even himself!


Anonymous said...

That's very scary. I'm glad he ran off, and certainly hope he doesn't return.


Anji said...

Cas: If he does he won't be able to see in now. I think that someone like that just looks. fortunately I have two men in the house.

Dru Marland said...

What creepy behaviour. I hope he's been scared off for good. The only people who could see into my bedroom are the occasional passing balloonists, who are presumably busy with something else anyway.

Anonymous said...

Creepy! Anyone dumb enough to "peep" in our windows would be bored to tears. We're too tired to get up to any shenanigans these days. :)

What a brave boy you have though!

Anji said...

Dru: I love the idea of the balloons floating past the window. They would have to have a good old fashioned telescope!

Kimberly: I can't say that we would be of much interest to anyone really.

Yes, Olivier can be very protective when he needs to. That's the advantage of nearly grown up sons.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this happens a lot and it's weird. It happens to my cousin's house on a monthly basis where someone is looking into their house as if they are going to rob it. He does live in a bad neighborhood though.

Anji said...

Sam: Thanks for leaving a comment. we live in quite a nice village and their are lots of houses with richer pickings than ours. I think he is just a very desperate peeping tom.