Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dom's new home

While we’re on the subjects of chicks. Dom will be moving to here in September which means that she will have her own little home. You can click on the pictures if you like. The ‘studio’ as they call it is just off the square with the fountains


Anonymous said...

I hope it's not too far from where you are.

It looks very nice

Voegtli said...

It seems to be located in an nice surrounding. Which can be pleasant for an evening promenade or sip a coffee or something, as I am sure that there will be bistros around.

Anji said...

Cas: It is in Poitiers where she is continuing her studies. The train takes around 90 minutes and to drive just over two hours.

Peter: I think that Dom knows exactly which cafés to go to. She even has one where she and a friend organise philosophical debates! There is also a branch of 'Quick' on the square. I don't know if you have 'Quick' in Switzerland - a lot like Mcdonald's

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting! I remember my first place. I thought the world couldn't possibly get any better. I was in Heaven. On cloud nine. It was DIVINE!

Until I realized that means I actually have to pay all the bills by myself. : \

Congrats to Miss D!

Anji said...

Kimberly: I remember waking up for the first time in my own place so well. I loved it. I confess there are sometimes moments when I wish that I still lived alone...

GMG said...

Hi Anji!
It looks nice!
Have a great weekend!

PS: Not always travelling; always working and just posting to remember the good old times old travelling. ;) See Blogtrotter at the Michigan Law School... ;))