Monday, July 07, 2008

Not so convenient

In the past few weeks I’ve had problems with public toilets. The first was at a bar where Rob usually goes before work for coffee. I noticed that the men’s toilets were closed on the way to the ladies, locked myself in, double checked the lock and low and behold a man opens the door to find me – well, doing what you do in toilets. Round two was at the cyber café; I know that this is a bad one (and mixed) so Rob went in first to check it was reasonably clean. I locked the door etc., etc. and when I was finished couldn’t open the door to get out. Fortunately the door gave way before I really started to panic. Number three was McDonald’s in Poitiers. We had brunch before coming home when we collected Dom. Nice, clean and very modern. So modern in fact that I discovered how an infra red light decides when you are finished and flushes for you, even when you are not ready.

My stories are quite comical really, but it isn’t always the case. Go and read Dru’s story about someone else’s problems with public loos


Anonymous said...

I have a serious issue with public toilets. We were on our way to my mom's place yesterday and we stopped for gas. I had to go SO bad (too much tea!) and I just couldn't bring myself to use the restroom there. I crossed my legs until we reached my mom's and then nearly didn't make it. It was SO worth the ruptured bladder though!

Anji said...

Hi Kimberly: I think those are the worst of all