Friday, March 02, 2007

Today was another session with the advisor for setting up a business. Having adjusted the figures I originally presented everything seems to be in order. In theory I shouldn’t go into the red within the first year and I was complimented on my good work! I really must learn excel. We then looked at some legal forms that need filling in. The idea is not to get them flung out because of stupid mistakes.

With the few minutes left of my two hour session we talked about Eleanor of Aquitaine (She owned la Rochelle), Mary Stuart and the Plantagenants . Which was a nice bonus. It’s not often you come across someone interested in the same period of history as you.

If we’d have chosen to live in another part of France we might not have had any help at all setting up a business.


Anonymous said...

its very easy to learn excel. i believe it would never be a problem for you.

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Anji said...

Thanks for the advice, whoever your are!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck.

Excel isn't difficult. There's a lot you can do in the program, but basic Excel is pretty easy to learn.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are crossing all the t's and dotting the i's before you commence. It is rewarding after you work hard to see your business growing and therefore my only advice is no matter how hard it may seem, never give up.

Anji said...

Cas: Thanks, I need to get the book down from the shelf, getting started is usually the hardest part.

Michelle: All the official advice I've had has included the 'hard work' part too. I look to you for inspiration!