Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New music
This is a sponsored post

Where do all the unsigned bands go? Unsigned.com is a site where unsigned bands can be heard globally on the internet. Just one more advantage of the world wide web! There is now an ever-growing base of fans and listeners looking for something new to listen to. On the site artists can create their profile and upload their material. Listeners can browse away to their hearts content looking for new sounds in the genre they prefer.

There is so much to choose from like Grunge Artists , progressive, latin, world, hip-hop, hard rock, experimental, you get the idea? So being ‘old’, I looked at folk and can see that there is a choice of 60 bands and artists . I noticed that a lot of artists consider themselves in more than one category, so no need to feel stuck in a typeset. I chose The Willow Leaf to look at and listen to extracts of, simply because I liked the name. What a pleasant surprise, especially A Gentle Lullaby! There is his website too. I can see that I shall be spending more time here in the future.

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