Thursday, March 29, 2007

back straight - knees bent
Rob had to go into work on Monday which is unusual in the winter season. He told me he was on a course but couldn’t remember which.

When I got home in the evening I found a piece of paper on the floor, a map I’d drawn on how to get to a new pupil’s house. I bent over to pick it up and immediately Rob pounced. “You shouldn’t bend your back you should bend your knees”. Guess which course he had been on? They’d done a lot on lifting and bending and how to carry something heavy down a steep stairway (something they have a lot of in the three towers). He was obviously very impressed by it all. The computer screen is now on top of a pile of 6 books so that it’s the 'right height'.

I explained to him that I can’t really bend my knees properly anymore – they didn’t cover that subject.

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