Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spare a thought for the toilet cleaner
This weekend is our village Brocante/bootsale/garagesale. When I was a member of the school association I used to help out with the food over the weekend. This year Olivier and his friend have taken on the job of maintaining the toilets. Monsieur Pi Pi, as we say in French. I do hope that the good visitors to our village appreciate how fussy my son is. They have to keep the two toilets and wash basin clean and in exchange they charge a 20centimes entrance fee, which they can keep. I met Olivier on his way out early this morning, I was surprised that he was in such a good mood. He was very proud of the fact that they had been complimented on the cleanliness of the toilets. However, there had been one or two who refused to pay the entrance fee as it is a public toilet. They collected around 500 x 20centimes, can you imagine the state of the toilets if they hadn’t been maintained? It will be busier today, I hope it isn’t too hot for them.

We went and looked around for three hours yesterday morning. Rob found some great postcards and I bought 5 novels by Virginia Woolf for €5 (£3 or $6.25 approx). It was hot. Rob overheard someone urging her friend to go to the toilets as they are so clean!

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