Thursday, June 08, 2006

(1201st post)
For our second rail trip for €1, Rob and I decided to visit Poitiers. We know that it is a very interesting town historically, but it will also be Dom’s home for a few years from September onwards. We had to leave home early to get the cheap train and arrived in Poitiers just after nine o’clock. La Rochelle is more or less a flat town, so the steep climb up ‘a few’ stairs when we left the railway station to join the main town was a bit of a shock! It was worth it though. Lots of old streets and interesting buildings and not too many tourists. When we crossed the town and reached the river, Rob insisted we climb the 300 steps (so Dom says and I believe her) up to a statue of Mary which over looks the town. When he’s sorted out the photos I’ll publish a pic of my struggle to the top. The view was well worth the effort. If you remember, our trip to Saints at the beginning of April was spoilt by the cold. Yesterday was boiling hot. We did have a lovely day though. I was hoping to put in some links with pictures but you’ll have to do with this for now.

We arrived home at about 8 in the evening. Olivier had washed up at lunch time and tidied the bathroom, bless him. He even had his school report to show us, which was much better that he deserves. Yes, he is after something, one of these.

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