Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Most of you are still asleep
Dom started her exams this week. These are the big ones which will decide her future as regards university. Monday morning was philosophy. She went off on her bike, we wanted to take her in the car, but she insisted so that she could come straight home when she’d finished. She wrote seven pages on learning from life’s experiences and seemed pretty satisfied. Tuesday was a rest/revision day.

This morning she left the house at seven for a whole day of exams. At 7.25 she dashed back into the house, she’d forgotten her phone. She’d only got a quarter of an hour to get back there in time for the 20 minutes entry time before the exam. I have felt awful all morning: Firstly I imagined her unconscious in a ditch along the cycle path (I’ve already been through that one with Olivier). Then I imagined hysterical tears over the phone because they wouldn’t let her into the exam. I’ve also been dreading a phone call from the lyc√©e wanting to know why she hasn’t turned up. Rob cycles along most of her route when he goes to work. He hasn’t phoned to announce finding her body, yet. The police haven’t knocked on the door to break the bad news. In theory, everything should be alright. In 35 minutes I can phone her to make sure she’s okay. Who’d be a mother on a day like this?

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